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Novchem Chemicals : Designed and formulated by expert Chemists to fill in the need for highly reliable solutions that provide exceptional performance and last longer in operations in the areas of ultrasonic cleaning, spray cleaning, corrosion protection and rust removal.

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 NovChem Surface Cleaning

Aqueous Solutions

    Innovation, performance & Longevity

Novchem Chemical Products are designed and formulated to high standards of performance and longevity.Novchem aqueous solutions are being used by major industrial manufactures in the USA and abroad such as:

* Aerospace, Automotive,  Electronics, Food, Forming & Molding, Medical and Dental devices, Tools, Oil & Gas industry, Optics, Nuclear,  Pharmaceuticals, Precision Machine shops, Solar, Disk Drives, Semiconductors, Precision Instruments & Tools.

Unique Features:

- Novchem Ultrasonic Cleaning chemicals cavitate exceptionally well at different ultrasonic frequencies. An important feature crucial to excellent performance.

- Novchem Spray Cleaning solutions offer the best on the market regarding efficient handling of contaminants , excellent cleaning, durability and longevity.

- Novchem Technology provides exceptional Specialty products in the areas of Long and Short Term Corrosion inhibitors, Neutral Rust Removal and Paint Removal.


  • Excellent protection for various steels, short and long term protection.
  • Approved for use in fuel lines. Compatible with painting or CVD or PVD coatings of parts.
  • Specialty inhibitors for pharmaceutical, medical and biomedical devices.


Novchem Technology is dedicated to help engineers, managers and chemists in solving  their cleaning and corrosion problems. The company provides free consultations. Consultations encompass necessary in depth process evaluations and sound recommendations for needed changes or updates. Novchem Technology helps clients to save money by supplying the right chemicals to improve production yields.

Spray Cleaning

Innovation Delivers Results

Ultrasonic paint Removal

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