Novchem Chemicals : Formulated by expert Chemists to fill in the need for highly reliable specialty industrial cleaners that provide excellent performance and last longer in operation.




 Industrial Metal & Non-metal

Ultrasonic Surface Cleaning by

Aqueous or Halogen-Free Chemicals

     Developed by Innovators 

Novchem Industrial Ultrasonic Chemical Products are designed and formulated by expert chemists to fill in the need for excellent highly reliable and cost-effective industrial cleaners and Inhibitors.

Novchem industrial chemicals last longer in operation, saving $$$$. Approved and in use by SP 500 companies.

Main Novchem ultrasonic industrial chemical Line are: 1) aqueous cleaners, 2) halogen-free solvents (no fluorine, no chlorine, no bromine) 3) Rust Remover, rust inhibitors and Paint & Carbon Removers.

* Serving: Aerospace, Automotive,  Electronics, Food, Forming & Molding, Medical & Dental devices, Carbide Tools, Oil & Gas industry, Optics, Pharmaceuticals, Machine shops, Solar Panels, Disk Drives, electronics, Semiconductors, Precision Instruments & Tools.


Why Novchem?

- Novchem ultrasonic chemicals cavitate exceptionally well at all ultrasonic frequencies. An important crucial feature for delivering consistent perfect cleaning or treatment every time.

- Novchem industrial Spray pre-Cleaning chemicals efficiently remove exposed heavy oils, greases, carbon, loose paint and environmental dirt. Lasts 4-6 weeks in operation.

- The company accepts challenging and tough to resolve issues, at no cost. Just let us know your needs.- 

Specialty Cleaners

Short and long term rust protection for steel and steel alloys.

  • Compatible with cleaning  fuel lines and pumps.
  • Compatible with many surface prep for painting or CVD or PVD coatings.
  • Special inhibitors: for pharmaceutical, medical and biomedical devices.


Novchem Technology is dedicated to help engineers, managers and chemists in solving  their general and / or precision cleaning and corrosion problems.       .  .

Best in Chemical Innovation  We Deliver Results


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