Novchem Technology was founded by Dr. Sami Awad and Dr. Nadia Awad in 2010 to fill in a great need for highly reliable  products with exceptional quality that outperform and last longer in the area of aqueous ultrasonic cleaning and rust protection. The products are the next generation state of the art ultrasonic cleaning solutions, Spray cleaning solutions, rust inhibitor and rust removal products for metals and nonmetals. The company is not just a supplier of specialty chemicals. Novchem Technology is dedicated to help engineers, managers, chemists and technicians in solving their production problems through one on one discussions. We offer free analysis and consultations for simple and complex cleaning and corrosion problems.

NovchemTM chemicals is a complete line of aqueous solutions designed for various industries that are using ultrasonic and spray cleaning systems. Please visit the applications page.

Technical support and customer satisfaction are our commitments. Prompt answers & recommended solutions are offered by outstanding technical experts and is the bench mark of Novchem Technology.    

Special Custom Services: For tough to resolve applications, we develop specialty chemical solutions for treating critical components, at no cost to our clients. A free service that is only offered by Novchem Technology.

Training Courses Novchem Technology / Ultrasonic Apps Offers onsite Training Courses for Engineers, Managers, Chemists and Technicians on Ultrasonic and Megasonic Chemical Cleaning Theory and Practice.


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