Rust Inhibitors & Rust Removal *

State of the art water-based, all-organic, rust inhibitors  formulated to provide short and long-term maximum surface protection. The product line includes special FDA compliant inhibitors for Pharmaceutical applications. Rust removal is mild and a pH neutral.

 NovChem 55:

Provides excellent short-term protection for steel components used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Compliant with the FDA and USDA standards.

NovChem 57:

Excellent rust inhibitor, protect surfaces in high humidity atmosphere. It is used in immersion water rinses that followed by hot air drying in aqueous cleaning operations. Compatible with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Provides clear dry non-tacky film. The film is fully compatible with fuels and break liquids when used on automotive components.

Novchem 57 provides up to nine month of full protection indoors and during shipping. The inhibitor film does not interfere with next step operation such as PVD, CVD, laser welding, coating or painting. The clear dry film can be easily and safely removed if desired.                                                                             

NovChem 59:

Fully protects rustable steels during water immersion rinsing and air drying in an ultrasonic cleaning process. Provides a short term protection for steel substrates. Provides invisible  thin dry film that is compatible with the next step operation such as laser welding, PVD, CVD coating or sputtering operation. The mono molecular film does not interfere with testing or calibration  fluids. Excellent short term (1-2 weeks) protection in indoors environment.

Novchem RPR

Excellent for Short and Long term protection. Protection film does not interfere with precision inspections and does not change very tight tolerances.


Novchem 703CD   Neutral Rust Removal

Excellent in removing light and heavy rust from iron and steel surfaces. Works at temperature as low as 125F. Can be used with and without ultrasonics. So it is very useful to remove rust from components that are sensitive to ultrasonic cavitations such as molded powder steel parts. The product is rinse free, has neutral pH and is biodegradable. Novchem 703CD cavitates very well with ultrasonics.

* Not all of Novchem products are listed. Please call with your specific need.

Corrosion - Rust1
Corrosion - Rust1
Corrosion - Rust1


Corrosion - Rust1

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