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Dr. Sami B. Awad is a Scientist and Technologist. He has more than 25  years of industrial experience in the areas of Surface Treatment and  Ultrasonic Applications Technology

With his team of expert chemists, they developed tens of successful ultrasonic cleaning  processes for small and large International companies. Many ultrasonic processes were developed for precision cleaning of components used in aerospace, electronics, disk drives, semiconductors, medical devices, medical and dental implants, Pharmaceutical, optical devices, flat  panel display, automotive, aerospace, injection molds, various metal  & carbide tools, weapons, metal surface finishing and filters and heat exchangers for the oil industry and for a special projects in the areas of Sonochemistry and Biodiesel and Decontamination of Produce. 

He CO-founded NovChem Technology to fill in the need for highly reliable quality ultrasonic cleaning chemicals.  The company is dedicated to help engineers, managers  and chemists by offering them recommendations with solutions to their  complex cleaning and / or corrosion issues and supply the necessary  chemicals to do so. The chemicals are a newly developed line of high quality industrial chemical cleaners and corrosion inhibitors for general &  critical ultrasonic cleaning. The the brand name is Novchem™. 

Through his involvement with engineers and chemists worldwide, Dr. Awad has helped them in resolving challenging operational and chemical issues. He assisted many companies in successfully switching from using hazardous solvents in their cleaning operations to cleaning with aqueous chemistries.

He authored more than 25  academic papers in organic reaction mechanisms and has about 20 Patents. He made numerous  presentations in different conferences and professional societies. Published many technical articles and authored individual book chapters on the applications and mechanism of Ultrasonics and Megasonics Precision Cleaning and nano-Particle Removal.

Dr. Awad is formerly VP of Technology and Lab Director at Crest Ultrasonic Corp., Trenton, NJ.  He was a Principle Scientist at Henkel Corporation, USA, Surface Technology Group, Madison Hts, MI. Prior to his industrial career, Dr. Awad was a Professor of Chemistry at Cairo University and  Drexel University, Philadelphia. Dr. Awad has a Ph.D. in Organic  Chemistry and been a member in the professional societies  ACS, UIA,  IDEMA, ASM, ASTM and SME. He served on several ultrasonic cleaning forums and on the board of advisors for a USDA project.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Medical/Pharmaceutical Devices and Equipment

By Sami B. Awad, Ph.D.  (sawad@ultrasonicapps.com)


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