Ultrasonic cleaning of used small arms is demanding and require special chemicals to do a tough cleaning task.

A combination of two products of Novchem 38SA and 38LB have provided excellent results for a tough cleaning job. The first product is an ultrasonic cleaning detergent and the the second product does a multitasks job. It dries the parts by water displacement and lubricates the weapon parts and provides long term protection against rusting until the next maintenance cycle.


Novchem 38SATM

Specifically formulated heavy duty concentrate to remove cosmoline greases, gun powder, general dirt and grime, finger prints, and oils.

It is a multi-metal ultrasonic detergent with exceptional capability of carbon removal. It lasts long in the cleaning tanks.

Non-hazardous; water based, non-ammoniated cleaner; biodegradable, compatible with tritium sights and rubber grips

Novchem 38SA removes the contaminants and also provides rust protection during the cleaning step.

Novchem 38 LBTM

Hydrocarbon lubricant is used at full strength. Used after Novchem 38SA ultrasonic cleaning step to completely displaces moisture and leaves the weapon with a thin durable lubricant film that reduces friction, wear, and protects against rust.

Novchem 38LB is non hazardous. Compatible with all components including the rubber grips.




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