Aqueous Novchem Cleaners


    NovChem 305:  Heavy duty Neutral Cleaner for removal of heavy contaminants. Cleans stainless steel, copper / alloys, brass, aluminum, titanium, glass, ceramics and plastics. Removes contaminants associated with metal and plastic fabrication such as hydrocarbon oils and water-based machining lubricants and mold release compounds. 

    NovChem 725: Neutral and compatible with all electronic and electric components. Removes water soluble organics, light oils, fluxes, ceramic and silicon wafers processing fluids and particles.      

    NovChem 903Enz:  Enzymatic cleaner. Excellent for cleaning medical instruments and surgical tools. Compatible with various metals, plastics and resins. Effective in removing blood stains, proteins, and other residues.

    NovChem 2020V: Neutral, compatible with all metals and alloys of high tech components such as medical devices, PCPs, disk drive components, semiconductor target discs and electronic devices. Compatible with various plastics and polymers. Removes various lubricants and metal processing fluids, airborne contaminants and fingerprints. Excellent in removing sub-micron and nano particles.


Acidic (mild and strong)

    NovChem 515: Cleaner and Deoxidizer for copper and brass components. Removes oils and processing fluids.

  • NovChem 227: Effective strong acid cleaner and cleaning Aluminum  and a brightener for stainless steel. It removes buffing and polishing compounds, heavy drawing oils and greases, stamping oils and mill oils. Also is excellent in removing residual polymers and mold release from on stainless steel forming molds, dies and punches.

Alkaline (mild and strong)

    NovChem 134: Mild alkaline cleaner. Safe on medical equipment and medical devices. Compatible with most metals, glass, ceramic, rubber and plastics.

    NovChem 1501: Universal heavy duty cleaner for tough applications. Safe on all metals, glass, ceramics, plastics and elastomers. Excellent in removing carbon, heavy oils, greases, vegetable oils, mold release compounds, polishing and drawing compounds and environmental contaminants and functional buildups.

    NovChem 1509: A heavy duty non-caustic alkaline liquid cleaner which is used as an immersion cleaner for cleaning ferrous metals, aluminum copper, brass alloys, magnesium and titanium alloys. It is formulated to remove variety of forming lubricants and carbonaceous type soils from ferrous metals.  

     NovChem 1705: Excellent heavy duty alkaline cleaner for steel, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium and plastics. Remove heavy contaminants including silicon oil. Removes carbon, buffing, polishing compounds, ink, drawing oils, greases, fingerprints, stamping oils, mill oils, vegetable oils, plastic, rubber and paint residues. It is effective in cleaning steel forming molds and tools. It also removes light rust.                                                                                                                     

Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaning Products


pH Range


7 +/- 0.5

Mild Acidic

4 +/- 0.5

Strong Acidic

2 - 1

Mild Alkaline

9 +/- 1

Strong Alkaline

12 +/- 1

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Surgical tools

NovChemTM ultrasonic chemicals were designed and formulated for tough and demanding industrial applications.

Some products were designed and formulated specifically to resolve critical process issues such as nano-particles removal or cleaning of heavy carbon deposits or cleaning micron size pores.

* Aqueous Novchem cleaning chemicals are being used successfully to replace of chlorinated or brominated solvents, such as Trichloroethylene and n-Propyl Bromide. Applications include cleaning of critical medical, industrial oxygen and electronic devices and cleaning of highly sensitive rustable steels prior to PVD or CVD coatings.

Aqueous Novchem  chemicals are water-based, biodegradable and rinse freely. Used to clean metals and nonmetal parts.

 ** Non-halogen Novchem Solvents are free from halogen (chlorine or bromine or fluorine), and accepted as echo and operators friendly. Please click here.


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pH ranges for different detergents

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Note: Several factors must be considered prior to selecting a cleaning chemical. 1) Type of contaminants and if aged on the surface is one factor.  2) The cleaning equipment in use. 3) The process parameters. 4) The size and number of parts per batch etc. Our tech support will help you in selecting the right product for your application and save you time and money.